The SWEPCO Application is Invalid

February 6, 2014


Arkansas Public Service Commission

Attn: Secretary of Service Commission

P.0. BOX 400

Little Rock, AR 72203-0400


Re: Docket No. 13-041-U SWEPCO's Application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need


Objection: The SWEPCO Application is Invalid


Dear Secretary:


When SWEPCO filed with APSC on April 3, 2013 they based their application on seventeen false premises. A single false premise makes the entire argument invalid:

  1. The SWEPCO project is for the long term benefit of the people of Arkansas for seven generations to come.

  2. SPP is an independent agency that manages a reliable Grid for the benefit of the people of Arkansas.

  3. APSC will approve the 18th application for major bulk generation and transmission AEP infrastructure. APSC has over the last 10 years approved 17 out of 17 applications; the SWEPCO money spent on lobbying will get it approved.

  4. 2014 is just like 2003, there has been no change in technology

  5. AEP and the Arkansas Coal Cartel make the rules.

  6. “There is nothing the people of Arkansas can do.” If they don’t like it, they can move to Missouri or go back to Texas.

  7. There is an increased demand of electricity.

  8. Coal by Wire is the only way to meet increased demand.

  9. Bulk power is the only way to provide electric service.

  10. Bulk transmission is safe, secure, reliable and affordable.

  11. The environmental impact of transmission lines is minimal.

  12. The people of Arkansas are in favor of the line.

  13. AEP/SWEPCO should be granted the power of eminent domain to take people’s land by force.

  14. Missouri needs electrical power that can only be met by the proposed transmission line.

  15. Trespassing Missouri to spare the rich people of Bella Vista, AR is acceptable and moral.

  16. The Missouri Public Service Commission does not need to be consulted or informed about Route 109. The MO PSC will follow whatever APSC decides, Arkansas overrules the sovereignty of Missouri, Arkansas is better than Missouri.

  17. There will be no public opposition; people know “there is nothing you can do to stop SWEPCO in Arkansas.”


ALJ Connie Griffin Order 32, January 17, 2014 did not approve the application. Judge Griffin was forced to go along with SPP and SWEPCO’s false claim “there is a need for the transmission line.” Judge Griffin’s choice of Route 109, an impossible route, was like a parent telling a five year shopping at Walmart, “you can’t have a toy but Santa Claus will bring it next Xmas.” Judge Griffin knows there is no Santa Claus! Thank you Judge Griffin!


The false premise “there has been no technological change between 2003 and 2014” is an easy one to prove.


For readers that think solar panels are science fiction, here is another example: Launched in 2003, the Silverado SS is a high-performance pickup truck built by Chevrolet, with an average of 12.9 mpg. “Like a Rock” was the slogan, same as the drop in GM share prices. Looks great, terrible mileage!


In 2014 the Ford Focus hybrid concept car gets over 160 mpg.


False Premises Lead to Wrong Conclusions


A false premise is an incorrect proposition that forms the basis of an argument. If the premise is false, the conclusion will be wrong!


For example, consider this argument, which involves a false premise:

  • If the streets are wet, it has rained recently. (premise)

  • The streets are wet. (premise)

  • Therefore it has rained recently. (conclusion)

The conclusion to this argument is wrong, because its first premise is false - one could hose down the streets, the local river could have flooded, etc.


An argument based on false premises is impossible to refute, as the truth of its premises must be established to the satisfaction of all parties.


APSC was given at least 17 false premises and was asked to reach a valid conclusion. In 2014, we can’t ignore basic Aristotle’s logic principles (384 BC)


The alternative in 2014 is terrifying …


A single false premise makes the entire argument invalid.


SWEPCO is either ignorant or guilty of intentionally deceiving the APSC and the people of Arkansas. The consequences of their actions on our community should be punished by law, to avoid having to deal with their fraudulent behavior next year.


This picture (minus the comment on AR and MO) is from the AEP Investor website. Notice that Nick can’t even tell the line “doing the right thing” without hesitation … the extra line is in the PDF and can’t be deleted!


Senator Sater and Representatives Fitzpatrick and Lant have taken legislative action in Missouri to protect private property rights. Arkansas State Senator Bryan King made a compelling statement to protect the people of Arkansas.


Statement of Senator Bryan B. King in opposition to Order # 32 by Administrative Law Judge Connie Griffin of the state Public Service Commission, issued January 17, 2014, granting a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need for SWEPCO to build and operate a transmission line across property in Carroll County


“I’m disappointed in the order and I object to it for basically the same reasons I objected to the proposed transmission lines when it was first proposed. The order does not adequately take into account the transmission line will have on the property rights of affected landowners, and it does not appear to consider the transmission line’s negative impact on the economy of Carroll County.”


“Volumes of public comments were presented during the public comment period pertaining to the direct consequences of building a transmission line of this size through northern Carroll County.  The input from property owners was apparently ignored in the writing of Order #32, while the arguments in favor of a transmission line still don’t take into account how devastating it will be to the local economy.”


 “For this reason, I support those property owners who are continuing to oppose the transmission line, using all the legal means available to them, and I am confident that ultimately their testimony will be granted the weight that it merits and that they will prevail in the courts.” January 23, 2014"


We are waiting to hear from Senator Bledsoe and Representative Bob Ballinger, who have strongly objected to the SWEPCO project.





Dr. Luis Contreras

Eureka Springs, AR





History of Logic: Aristotle



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False Premises lead to invalid conclusions



Valid Arguments

An argument is valid if and only if the truth of its premises entails the truth of its conclusion and each step, sub-argument, or logical operation in the argument is valid.