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American Solar Energy Society
19th National Solar Tour
October 4, 2014
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Audra Darling Radio Show - Oct 6, 2013

Audra Darling interviewed Leon Wilmouth of the Gentry Safari and Dr. Luis Contreras about the SWEPCO projects from Flint Creek to the proposed Kings River Station


Audra Community Matters facebook page


Power 105.7 Audra Darling Page


Facebook Event Page Leon and Doc on Audra Darling's Community Matters


Video of the Interview from Audra's fabook page



 Save the Safari Support  Rally
Oct 6, 2013 1-5 pm

The “Save the Gentry Safari Support Rally” was an overwhelming success!


Leon welcomed everyone that came to have a great afternoon, kids of all ages, over 4,000 friends of the awesome Drive-thru Wildlife Safari.


The message for AEP and SWEPCO is clear: stay out of the Safari, this is not just a piece of land, it is the best park in Arkansas that belongs to Gentry and NWA, as visitors come from many states to be with nature, friends and wildlife. The closest to Africa most of us will ever be.


Seeing high voltage towers 160 feet tall, ugly conductors traversing the beautiful natural views and hearing the noise of the line is not what we want for Park 4.


Move the lines away from our park – you have no right to take away the natural habitat of the many animals, it has been their home for many years and the legacy of a wonderful family that built the park one rock at a time and taken care of the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the park.


From the Facebook page: We are excited to announce we are organizing a day to rally support for the Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari! We invite everyone out to the Safari on the afternoon of Oct 6th to show their support and enjoy the unique experience the Safari has to offer. The Safari is going to give school bus tours and have some of their interactive animals out for supporters to enjoy! Come on out to show your support- it will be fun for the whole family! More details to come.


Save the Safari Support Rally Facebook Event Page


Save the Gentry Safari 4 from SWEPCO facebook page